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Bruce Tate releases 'Rails: Up and Running'.

Ruby On Rails: Up and Running helps you get up and running quickly, showing you everything from building a schema and making a simple controller to designing a Rails interface and building a project model -- along with details on how to add a controller and generate scaffolding.

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Ruby is a dynamic programming language similar in many respects to Perl, Python, and Smalltalk, but it is its own animal. It was created in 1993, making it older than Java or PHP. The Ruby community changed recently, when David Heinemeier Hanson introduced the Rails framework,creating the most important language in a generation. "As a result, Ruby is a delight to work with and, in many cases, is an order of magnitude more productive than Java, C, or Microsoft .NET languages" Richard Monson-Haefel

bullet Ruby on rails is becoming the language of choice for many forward thing web development houses.

bullet Latest Article: 24 Ruby Techniques for web development from Net Tuts+.

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After 6 months of tracking him down Java Champion Bruce Tate - author of 'From Java to Ruby' is going to run a 5 day Ruby on Rails Course in October. Ideally placed in the heart of London the course is designed to give you everything you need to ramp up with Rails.     more ...